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A Brief History

The 81st Elite Eagles were born on October 3rd in the year 2006. The clan was created by former members of other tactical clans who wanted to make a better tactical clan than what was available at the time, a clan that was based on fun and not politics and egos. Other clans at the time claimed this, but unfortunately did not deliver. The 81st Elite Eagles quickly amassed a battalion 40 plus strong within its first month. Alas the game Spearhead was a dying game and with that so did many members move on to other games. The ranks dwindled down by half within the next 6 months. Do to personal reasons the original founders moved on to other things thus leaving the server to its' current administrators, Master Shake and Pancho. However, a rejuvenation of the clan was about to begin.

After the new leadership took over a small change was made for the clan. Considering the shrinking number of solo players left the 81st Elite Eagles aimed to unite these players under one common theme, being an online family. The clan's main difference from the other existing clans was, and still is, that all members voted on matters of the clan. Even though ranks are given out everyone's voice is heard and opinions taken. Through this and the family atmosphere on the server more stalwart solo players chose to join the 81st Elite Eagles. Even those left behind by their former clans have come into the 81st Elite Eagles fold.

In keeping up with the times the 81st Elite Eagles added Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: World at War to their games played each year that they came out. The COD series was watered down, "console kiddied", and didn't have the lasting quality that Spearhead had and thus these games weren't played as much and clan growth suffered because of it. Around the time the 81st started playing COD4 they created a brand new website.

The 81st Elite Eagles supported Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam. Since taking on BC2 as a clan game grew again and were thriving once more. Unfortunately BC2 and its expansion did not get much in the line of new content so, while being a fun game, our clan was looking for something fresh and new.

Battlefield 3 became the main game of choice for the 81st Elite Eagles upon it's release. While starting off with a 64 slot server we, along with the veteran community, discovered that BF3 had been consolized and lacked much appeal. While still fun at times, the many bugs, weapon and vehicle balancing, horrible netcode and hit detection, and other various things like the COD kiddie community infiltrating has left the clan looking for the next big game. When the "Premium" package was released in May 2012 that was the final nail in the coffin and the clan was fractured causing irreparable damage.

The 81st attempted to give the game Ravaged a try. Sadly, while being a natural as a successor to Battlefield considering the developers working on it and the fact it is a vehicular first person shooter, the game did not generate enough of a player base to make it viable as a game that could support our clan.

So the 81st went back to it's roots. This time with Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. The game had been out for about a year at this point and most of the major problems with it have been dealt with. This game returns the clan back to it's tactical roots instead of the run and gun with no team work that is prevalent in most modern shooters. While fun and engaging with it's cover system, weapon progression and unlocks, and ability to use tanks alongside infantry creating a nice midpoint between FPS and vehicular FPS, the player base is lacking. Even the Rising Storm expansion did not help this game gain enough players to make the player base more robust. This has limited the clan's growth after many members moved on after the Battlefield 3 debacle.

When Battlefield 4 came out the 81st was hungry for a larger playerbase and found it with this newest release. However, the clan didn't feel it was worth the effort to get a server and fight with the 4 player start stupidity for a server. People get on to play a game and not wait around until others show up. This has ruined the clans who are not 100 person kiddie factories. Battlefield 4 has stayed the top FPS game for over a year at the time of this writing and looks to be the first game in a while that has staying power even after the disasterour release of Battlefield: Hardline.

As for the future the clan currently is playing Battlefield 4 as it's main game. But the 81st may have to succumb to the modern trends for gamers dumping games rather than sticking with them for years at a time. This would mean the 81st would go to supporting multiple games.

Perhaps that is our future!





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